Jaclyn Buscaino

Jaclyn Buscaino

Dental Hygienist

Jaclyn is a Registered Dental Hygienist and graduate from Southern Ontario Dental College. She grew up in the Tri-City area, but her husband’s work brought them and their two younger sons to the island a couple of years ago and since, they have permanently made it their beautiful home.

As a registrant of the CDHBC and active member of CDHA, Jaclyn takes great pride in providing dental hygiene excellence and optimal care delivery to her clients.

Jaclyn not only loves the beauty of a healthy smile, but also enjoys using her own mouth and smile to sing and spread joy at both home and church. Her other favourite pass times include culinary cooking, event planning, going on nature walks with her family and design – but most importantly she believes that a smile is our signature accessory, happiness right under our nose and that it enhances the beauty and health within each of us.

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